what we do

In a nutshell, we work closely with you and the people that know you best to create tailored packages of support which enable you to live life your way.

We know that each person we support is an individual, each with their own hopes and dreams for the future and a vision of how they want to live their life. With this in mind, providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service was never an option for us, and so we strive to be as flexible as possible, enabling the individual themselves and the people who know them best to tell us what their support will look like. This flexibility allows the people we support to have the same choices and opportunities as the rest of society, making decisions on where to live, who to live with, what they do with their time, as well as what support they receive and who delivers that support.


As the service is designed and tailored to your specific requirements, we have no limit as to who we can support; no one is too complex, too disabled, or too challenging - and equally, no need is too small. We invest a lot of time in finding out exactly who you are, what you need from us and what your support will look like. With this information in hand, we can then work together to create a support package that ensures your needs are met, with goals and outcomes designed to help you work towards your dreams and aspirations.


The flexibility of our service is continual, with regular reviews of the support you are receiving allowing us to adapt to any changes. Our approach to support focuses heavily on promoting your independence; encouraging you to do as much for yourself as you are able, and actively supporting you to participate in all aspects of your daily life. This means that over time, we often find that the people we support require less from us as they gain confidence and skills, allowing us to ‘step back’ and reduce the amount of support we are providing.


With this in mind, there is also no pre-set ability level which makes someone ‘ready’ for this kind of support. If it is established during our initial conversations that you require a large amount of support as you lack the skills and/or confidence to undertake certain tasks by yourself, we can put this in place and work with you to build these skills until you are confident enough to complete them without support, at which point we can reduce the size of your support package. As always, you’re in control of your support so we won’t ‘step back’ until you are happy for us to do so, and we can always ‘step in’ again if you need us to.


For many people with disabilities and complex needs, residential care is often seen as the only option if they choose to leave the family home. Supported living is a viable alternative and one which can grant greater choice, control and independence to the individual. With a tailored package of support designed to meet your specific needs, we can support you to live your life on your terms.